Cornfield Office Renovation

Working within the confines of an existing space, a new layout efficiently provides offices for multiple tenants.

Looking to relocate , a local business owner took on the task of renovating a space previously used as a massage studio. The square footage allowed for the creation of multiple tenant spaces which inspired various shared spaces, such as reception area, conference room and kitchen. By sharing spaces, there is capacity for more tenants while allowing funds and space for larger shared facilities.

Ground floor tenant spaces are designed to accommodate future divisions from 2 to 4 offices depending on demand. By installing additional walls or partitions, a larger office space can easily become two smaller units. A centralized conference room provides easy access from all possible tenants, while all ground floor spaces have residential style windows to create an open and relaxed experience and allow for the spread of natural light.

Prefinished bamboo flooring was selected for the entry due to its desirable aesthetics, eco-friendly designation and ease of installation. The carpet tiles not only deaden sound for the tenants below but are also made from recycled content. Several interior windows, doors, cabinets and floor tiles were repurposed from leftover material owned by the client in order to achieve both environmental and budget goals.

The finished space balances private office space with a small sense of community. Filled with light and a delicate balance of materials and textures, it provides a functional and elegant place to work.