Mobile Athletic Facility

A conceptual study for a mobile training facility comprised of shipping containers for training program standardization.

To assist in the visualization of a mobile facility concept, an athletic training group required a conceptual modular design. The resulting structure is portable via (10) 40-ft semis and incorporates space for offices, various tracks and locker rooms.

By organizing the containers in a U-shape, an interior multi-purpose atrium is created, thereby doubling the amount of useable first floor space. Using the second floor to bridge the open atrium edge, portable folding wall systems can be attached to the second floor containers to fully enclose the first floor for environmental and security purposes. A modular roof system is also applied to the second floor to complete the building enclosure and provide a comfortable, well-lit internal space.

Highly active spaces are placed on the ground floor for ease of access. Using the length of the 40-ft containers, 4 individual track spaces are provided and can be used for different purposes or training environments. The atrium allows space for weightlifting or training that requires a larger area.

Second floor spaces, separated from the primary training, are focused on quieter tasks. However, by locating them around the atrium, these offices and meeting rooms remain in close contact with all building activity due to the catwalk connector that unites them.

Each module is intended to function as both an independent unit as well as part of the designed system in order to allow for a variety of building options. With the designed mobility, athletic training programs could benefit from the standardization of environment, equipment and process across multiple locations, and provide options to locations that wouldn't otherwise have them.