Balancing your spatial needs, environmental factors and budget to achieve your dream project.

  • Virtual Walkthroughs

    Experience your design before you build it.

  • Integrated Collaboration

    Play a part in the design process.

  • Unique Solutions

    Details tailored to your lifestyle.

For Those Who Don't Want To Be Like Everybody Else

We believe that there are more options today than ever before for clients to receive spaces designed exactly as they want. New technologies, advances in material science and workplace efficiencies all contribute to a greater level of control that extends into reductions of project cost. With 3D modeling and effective collaboration, it has become easier to estimate a project cost before the majority of time-consuming design work was completed. This allows more time and funds for design development rather than tasks you don't need.


Our firm strives to promote a higher engagement of client with design and project cost. To help accomplish this goal, we offer both % of project cost pricing as well as hourly pricing to accommodate a variety of budget needs. With the option of hourly pricing, a client pays only for the design time needed and incentivizes everyone involved to focus purely on customer needs and not project cost. If needed, project phases can be removed or adjusted to further customize the design process to a project's needs and budget.



  • Marshview Renovation
    A renovation to maximize the view

    The renovation of an enclosed deck into a sunset-capturing open living space and long window wall....

  • Crow’s Nest
    A Waterfront Reconstruction for Stage Harbor

    Taking advantage of the expansive waterfront views, this new home design balances local tradition with modern features....

  • Venao House
    Design development for waterfront living

    A home surrounded by natural beauty, this simple construction encourages interactions between indoor and outdoor living....

  • Harborview Home
    A Modern Cape Cod Guest House

    A small footprint with a spacious experience. Large windows and lofted ceilings create a cozy Cape Cod hideaway....

why us

Our process encourages clients to have a higher level of participation in the design of their new space by providing computer animations and virtual walk throughs very early in the conceptual stages of the project. Modern technology lets you experience the space as if in real life so you can be confident in your decisions throughout the development process. This approach is more efficient than traditional methods, and also lowers the overall project cost.

who we are

We are emerging designers located in NE Tennessee. Our interests focus on uniting modern design and technologies with traditional elements and unique, project-specific functions. Our work explores spatial design on a variety of scales, from interior details to multi-tenant offices. Whether you are looking for a trade show booth or your next beachside cottage, we are eager to investigate your design needs.


In addition to the benefits provided by virtual building models, we strongly believe in the process of collaboration. Our process thoroughly aims to engage and value the opinions of not just each client, but of contractors, consultants, and other designers. Beyond the construction field we encourage input from industrial designers, material experts, real estate professionals and a variety of industries that can offer fresh perspective to each design problem.